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Whether it is a pipe organ or Hammond organ, it is important to go for organ repair if you want to maintain its condition. If you want the best quality and nice tunes, then it is important to repair and fix the organs. A bit of fine tune can give a new life to your organs.

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At times people buy used organs, and then it becomes necessary to fix the problems of the organs. Musical instruments like organs are not used frequently. People generally store them and use them on special occasion. In such conditions the organs tends to get damaged. So organ repair is needed to make them work properly. With changes in weather conditions like temperature and humidity, organs also change tune. In such situation repair is the best way out to fine tune the instruments. This elongates the life of these musical instruments. Some people take up repair only prior to some special occasion. But this is not the right way to maintain the organs. It is important to go for organ repair on a regular basis.

People who own pipe organs can avail of the maintenance services for repair. You can keep your pipe organ in the best possible condition with the help of such services. When it comes to pipe organ repair, tuning is a significant part. You can go either for full tuning or a touch-up tuning. In full tuning all pipes are checked for slide tightness. If the organ is out of pitch, then only re-pitching is done. For general organ repair re-pitching is not taken into purview.

Re-pitching might cost you some more bucks. So it is important to be aware of the condition of your pipe organ. In this way, you can determine the kind of pipe organ repair you actually need. Touch-up tuning is useful in locating any offending note. In touch-up tuning the reed ranks are tuned. All other mechanism of the pipe organs should be checked thoroughly to locate any other problem while repairing. If any problem recurs when you use your pipe organ, then such points should be pointed out while organ repair.

Hammond organs are very difficult to repair. Amateurs should not go for hammond organ repair by themselves if they do not possess knowledge about electronics. Commonly the drawbar contacts needs top be cleaned while hammond organ repair.  Cleaning the drawbar is important for proper working of this organ. You should turn off the Hammond before pulling out the drawbar, and then you should use contact cleaner on the back of all drawbars. While organ repair petroleum jelly can be used to coat the backs and then move the drawbars. Move them in and out and when they start moving smoothly you can stop. Pull out each drawbar to check the harmonics. If the problem still persists, then you should repeat the procedures all over again.

You can also use the special contact cleaner for Hammond, which is available in some of the music stores. You should be careful while organ repair so that your organ do not get damaged. Proper repairs can bring out nice tune from your organ. There is no need to waste money on a new organ as with organ repair your old organ will give good performance over the years. Each organs have special features and need to be repaired with care so if you cannot do it yourself, you should take the help of an expert.


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